Daniel Baron Goetsch

Daniel Goetsch, BSEE, MBA | Chief Executive Officer | TriWich

Daniel Goetsch, BSEE, MBA is a highly accomplished inventor and entrepreneur, recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to the heavy industrial dolly industry. As the founder of TriWich, an innovative original equipment manufacturer, Mr. Goetsch has revolutionized the field with his visionary designs and patented solutions. With an extensive portfolio of patents granted by the USPTO, Mr. Goetsch has established TriWich as a leading provider of modular mobility solutions and customizable equipment setups.

In 2019, the “Wheel Dolly” patent capable of moving an impressive 18,000 lbs/tire for RV, Semi-Trucks and Firetrucks. In 2021, the “Swing Caster Dolly” patent enabled the creation of 320,000 lbs. shipping container systems. In 2022, Mr. Goetsch reengineered TriWich, optimizing strength and minimizing metal. The largest TriWich now weighs a mere 16 lbs. yet boasts an astonishing lifting capacity of 40,000 lbs. This innovation solidified TriWich as the only product in the world capable of supporting any caster in the world.  This invention sets the stage for further groundbreaking developments in every single heavy-duty industry in the world.

Mr. Goetsch most significant and transformative invention is called “LiftWich,” a Shipping Container Highway System. With LiftWich, even a basic pickup truck can effortlessly jack and tow shipping containers weighing up to 30,000 lbs. This groundbreaking development eliminates the need for a Semi-Truck or Container Chassis, leading to substantial reductions in fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Moreover, this revolutionary system eliminates the necessity for a Commercial Driver License and saves drivers three hours per day by eliminating the need to go to weight scales. Beyond these immediate benefits, LiftWich profoundly impacts the shipping container and moving industry by drastically lowering the Cost of Entry and empowering businesses to mobilize their concepts promptly. Individuals with basic pickup trucks can now transport containers, tiny homes, concession stands, heavy equipment, job sites, and even rock band performance stages without the need to invest in large Semi-trucks or lengthy trailers. The economic implications of LiftWich are poised to create a paradigm shift in several industries, thereby revolutionizing the global drayage industry.

Born in 1970 and raised in Upland, California, Mr. Daniel Goetsch possesses an exceptional educational background and a wealth of professional experience that has shaped his remarkable career. He graduated with honors from the University of North Dakota in 1992, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Kicking off his career, Mr. Goetsch started as an Application Automation Engineer and Semiconductor Diffusion Process Engineer at Motorola in Texas. In 1999, he completed his MBA in Engineering Management and Finance from City University and joined Siemens/Infineon in Germany, where he assumed a prominent role in Corporate Strategic Production Planning. In 2005, opened Dell Computers EMEA Finance Center where he obtained Six Sigma Black Belt in Finance which had a $350 Million within EMEA (CBA $19M).

Mr. Goetsch’s engineering and strategic finance experience transitioned into Operational Finance (COO/CFO) consulting within the private equity sector.  In 2017, Mr. Goetsch stumbled upon the wheel dolly market, and his passion for innovation ignited. What began as a hobby soon gained significant traction once he posted a captivating video spinning a 40 -foot container on pneumatics in the desert and was promptly contacted by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and AT&T within the same week. This marked a pivotal moment for Mr. Goetsch, prompting him to fully commit to TriWich and devote his efforts to its growth and development. Within 12 months, Mr. Goetsch developed shipping container solutions for forklifts, tractors, trucks, caddies and driving them down the highway.

Mr. Goetsch has one more shipping container invention that will upheaval the entire moving and transport industry and launch a global franchise model with conservative projections of $500 million.   Mr. Goetsch plans to build an organization that will drive the global Shipping Container moving and transport industries as well as developing dolly systems in another 50 Heavy-Duty Industry that have been identified.  For example, 144,000-pound yacht dolly, 75,000-pound G5 Gulfstream jet, 45,000 firetrucks, loading fully loaded shipping containers for Space Force and dollies on the moon/mars. Industries: farming, automotive, aerospace, energy, power, water, metal, OEM, landscaping, construction, and even entertainment.  It is boundless in applications.

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